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We offer software services to the government by developing different types of portals/websites. These portals act as a single delivery gateway for the government by connecting its various departments and offices thus enabling the public services to reach the people easier and faster. Our websites ensure that citizens from every strata of society have access to all information from the government.

Portals for Public services

By computerizing the public services in the government, the citizens are saved from standing in long queues for several hours. They can check the status of their tasks any time and receive notifications or updates periodically. The government officials find it easier to attend to complaints or feedback from the people. Our portals allow the citizens to log their grievances and enable them to track the entire process up to its closure. This allows the citizens to know about the status of their grievance and lodge any malpractice.

Portals for Panchayats

We develop portals for panchayats that act as a common platform integrating all other existing software applications in the Panchayats. These portals provide information on the entire village, its socio-economic status, demographic data, public infrastructure & other services.

Portals for Employment

Our employment portals enables the government to assign work to people online and also track the employability status of the workers so that all workers are assured of a minimum employability in a month. We also provide information on vacant jobs, temporary employment both in government and public sectors through the employment portals.

Portals for Business

Our business websites for the government help people with information that help them to start and conduct a business, find prospective customers, manage finances, legal compliance, rate of products, trading avenues, and also find information on support and events specific to their sectors. We also create revenue management portals for Panchayats where the software captures information on receipts, expenditure, maintain online cash books, accounts and registers.

Portals for Government schemes

We build portals for specific schemes released by the government. These portals cover information on monitoring and implementation of the schemes, regular updates and notifications from the government. It includes blog forums that allow people to voice their opinions, take active roles in public debates and thus aid the government in decision making.

Portals for Assets and Maps

Some of our portals provide information related to assets & utilities created and maintained by Panchayats, portals that display maps, various routes and important travel destinations within a district or a village.

  • Easy access to information
  • The citizens get to know of schemes and notifications from the government on a day to day basis
  • Connects people living in remote areas