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Our software solutions for e-Governance help the Indian Government to deliver government services to citizens in an efficient and cost-effective manner. It enables instant exchange of information between the government and the people, and also integrates various stand alone systems and services within the government departments.

This makes governance more efficient and brings in other benefits like replacing manual back office operations to computerized versions. It will bring in changes on how the government operates and leads to a technology driven system which renders the services in a comprehensive and planned fashion.

Our software systems ensure automation of manual processes like accepting, storing, processing, outputting or transmitting of information. This includes administrative and clerical tasks that were performed manually.

Our software has features that support various aspects of a business process like decision making, communication, and decision implementation.

We provide new methods of data transfer to citizens so that they receive information promptly and easily.

Our e-Governance Applications

Our e-Governance applications benefit the citizens by lowering costs , instantly delivering services and introducing novel services that were not available previously thereby improving the lives of a common man.

We ensure that our applications cater to the needs of a population that is over one billion keeping in mind that the capacity of connections would increase exponentially in the coming years. Hence our solutions are always focussed on increased bandwidth, storage capacity and performance requirements that will run the applications in a consistent manner.

Regulatory Compliance

We ensure that our e-Governance applications adhere to the laws and regulations of the Indian government. Seeking legal advice becomes an integral part of our software development process to handle security issues, and thus adhere to regulatory compliance.

  • The government can provide an e-Governance that is cheaper and one that delivers the same output at a lower cost
  • The applications help the government to offer more services thereby increasing outputs at the same total cost
  • The services reach the citizens faster at a lesser cost
  • The governance becomes innovative producing newer outputs