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Government And Public Sector Units

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Web Content Display

Our software solutions for the government and public sector units include developing portals for their various ministries and departments. We aid the government in administrative reform programs across the country. These portals provide citizens access to various services and also introduce new services to the people.

Our web portals would be a one-stop gateway providing comprehensive information and delivering integrated services round-the-clock.It contains several types of catalogues that list the various services provided by the government and other public sector units. It facilitates the various transactions between the government and the citizens and ensures proper communication between them. The transactions can be through eForms where citizens apply and pay for services online. We offer integration of back office operations and business processes through shared e-government infrastructure. We automate workflows to enable efficient processing of administrative functions and also support the government through live video feeds, wikis, blogs and maps that helps it to stay in touch with citizens in new and cost-effective ways.

Our business portals for the government help people with information that help them to start and conduct a business, find prospective customers, manage finances, legal compliance, rate of products, trading avenues, and also find information on support and events specific to their sectors.

Key Features
  • Automation of manual services
  • Online transactions
  • Instant access to government services

  • Helps to lower costs
  • Capture important transactions
  • Provides a platform for business
  • Ensures transparency of government services

These portals act as a common platform to integrate the various services and log transactions within and across sectors as well as those between the government and its employees. Our information systems have multiple functions and a single point of access to important information and services through the web interface. We ensure customer-oriented service through a single window delivery.