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Our portals for the healthcare sector provide a common platform to exchange information between the government and citizens in a cost effective manner. It also integrates other portals within the healthcare sector. We aim to supply accurate and reliable healthcare information especially to rural India. Our services fall in the following categories:

Disease Specific Portals

Our portals on specific diseases create awareness to people by providing complete information about the disease, treatment, effective prevention, available medical facilities and the welfare schemes announced by the government. Through our blog forums we create a support system among people who fight the disease and aid them in the recovery process.

Health Campaign Portals

We develop portals announcing the various health campaigns organised by the government. This informs people in remote areas of health camps, awareness programs, free medical checkups and vaccination programs organised in their village or district.

Health Information Portals

Our applications provide access to online publications and health journals that provide information on current research on health & related aspects such as population, investments and expenditure of the government on healthcare, secondary and tertiary medical care services, statistics on causes, treatment and prevention of diseases, health insurance statistics, food adulteration and discovery of drugs and pharmaceuticals.

Our portals provide information on hospitals, clinics, blood banks, diagnostic labs and ambulance services in remote areas.

Online health portals

Our portals enable doctors to provide timely medical advice to patients through electronic chat. This helps people to clarify doubts or seek advice when it is not possible to go to a hospital or clinic in person. We develop specific portals that maintain online health records of patients that can be accessed by physicians when needed. We develop separate portals for doctors and other medical personnel to track their patient data, medical appointments and other related tasks in a hospital environment.

Key Features
  • Cost effective software solutions
  • Access to online healthcare
  • Electronic Patient records